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Dominican Literacy Center student writers

A successful literacy program integrates the skills of reading, listening, and writing in each learning experience. This page features writing selections of students at the Dominican Literacy Center. These selections are sometimes longer compositions and sometimes shorter responses to specific questions like the one just below. Besides offering an insight into these students' experiences and life goals, these samples also illustrate the students' growing success as new writers.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?"  

I would complete my Nursing class—which I do love and really have the "need" to complete.

Margaetta Dorsey  

I would continue to work on my education, because I want to get a job and travel.

Priscilla Neal  

I would be a very good Pro-Wrestler! It has always been a passion of mine. I'd like to be with all the awesome fans in my hometown for the world to see.

Kristofer Carter  

I would play forward position for a Professional basketball team. It would keep me in shape and help make lots of friends.

Clifford Williams  

I would like to be a positive force of change, I have seen the devastation and evil that substance abuse causes. I would like to impact the life of a drug dependent person and go on to affect the lives of many people in the community who also struggle with substance abuse.

James Curry  

Pass my GED math test so I could go on to do greater things in life.

M. E. Gregory  

I would get my GED, so I could do nothing for a while but rest. I work hard, going to school five days a week and go to Dominican on the weekend. I could get a better job with benefits and a nice retirement package so when it comes time to stop working, I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Catherine M. Hugley  

I would like to be an Electrician so that I could do my own home repairs.


I want to be an Elementary Teacher's Aide. I will study at Wayne County Community College. I want to teach special education classes.

Roderick Johnson  

I want to be the President of the United States to become the most powerful man in the world. With that power, I would try to change the world!

Javaun Jackson  

I want to help the city rebuild. Also help clean up the city of Detroit. I want to be a mentor to kids, and start a program for the youth.

Justin Dickinson  

I would like to learn how to fly helicopters. I would like to be a firefighter. I've always wanted to help people get out of a fire since I was a small child. I would love to be on the truck.

Eddie Collins  

I would work on a car. I would have a "Bump Shop". I think it is fascinating working on a car. I started at the age of twelve. My uncle told me to take apart a van, figure out what was wrong and put it back together.

Howard Willis  

I would attempt to cook the biggest meal for my friends. This is one thing I know I can do and not fail. I am a good cook and enjoy cooking.

Atwillow Wright  

I would attempt to learn everything possible, while the time I have on God's green earth, facing life of every challenge and building an advanced mind with pride of self knowledge. I try to prevent crime and volunteer with youth in the city of Detroit.

James Tatum  

The word failure doesn't exist in my life, because I believe in me. All things are possible there is no room for failure. Not only that I serve a God who doesn't believe in failure. He believe in faith and so do I. He said there is no failure. He said you take one step, I'll take two, I'll make a way out of no way. You're not alone. Failure is void.

Elizabeth Stutts  

Build my own home, build some places to start my own business, build houses and rent them out, and build my own studio. I need to get me a wife and maybe children. Work on lots of machines, draw cartoons and bring them to life, and become an actor, etc. These have always been my dreams and goals to live my life plus more!


Firefighters are essential to the neighborhood. The community looks up to firefighters for safety and advice to keep them safe from harm. They also teach us how to prevent small fires, how to put them out at home if your parents are not there. I've wanted to be a firefighter since I was six years old, now that I am 19 this is my chance to try out. I lift weights at home because firefighters have to be strong to move around in their uniforms and rescue people. Being strong is a qualification of a firefighter.

Clifton Binns  

I will read these words to myself. I will ask God and the Holy spirit to open my mind and real his truths to me each day as I start the day out.


I would get my GED and get a job so I can better myself by getting a degree in CNC and start a business in home improvement.

Larry B.   

I would be a greater man, to help all of the world to get along. World peace would come about in a great way, the world's suffering would be no more. Money wouldn't be a big issue. No one would be hungry ever again. NO one would be homeless ever again. I would share my will to never fail with my family so by the time I pass away they can continue the happiness that we have. Hopefully they would do the same in all the generations.

Randy R. King  

I would become a teacher. There are many reasons why I would become a teacher, however the main reason is that I LOVE children. Young children are care-free, playful, and are a lot of fun to be around. As a teacher, it would be a challenge to get them to learn. I would have to put together lessons that would not only hold their interests, but also educate them. I think it would be very self-satisfying and rewarding work. I believe there would be no greater job than becoming a teacher.

Valentyna Yakobchak  

The dream of my life was to visit the USA, I knew that it is a wonderful, free, and rich country, that is why I started filling out an application for a Green Card. Seven years ago, my family won a green card and came to the USA. I love this country! I love its nature, people, and laws of this country. But I didn't think about the language of this country. If I want to live here, to be successful, I must know English language, that Americans use in this country. In the very beginning of my life here, I started to learn English. My first teacher was my uncle. He taught me how to speak and pronounce in correct English. My friends recommended me to learn at the DLC. Here I found a good teacher that is helping me to learn English as a second language. Now, I hope that my knowledge of English will help me a lot in my life.

Halyna Yalovenko  

I love to help people that appreciate my help. I would like to help people shop, clean, and wash their clothes. I will cook dinner for them also.


I would go to cake decorating school. This is something that I always wanted to do. I like the beauty of them after they are decorated. I would admire my own work. I would stand by and say, "how beautiful" they are.